About Ragdolls

Ragdolls have a truly wonderful loving temperament. They are known not only for their sweet temperaments but for their docile nature as well. They are very quiet, relaxed and playful cats. Ragdolls are also very social cats and their companionship characteristics actually are somewhat like what most people expect from a dog. They like to follow their owners around, they desire attention, and they are very devoted. Many Ragdolls also enjoy retrieving toys for their owners! They are very gentle and can adapt well to families with small children and multiple pets. For those families who work full-time or who have very busy lifestyles, Ragdolls are great in pairs because of their desire for attention and companionship. (Please be sure, though, that before taking any animal into your home, you have made sure that you do have the resources: i.e. time, love and attention that it will take to give it a good home.)

Ragdolls have the beauty of the medium to long haired breeds without the high maintenance. Ragdoll hair is very "rabbit-like" and will not "mat". They require minimal grooming and are considered to be "low-shedding" cats. All Ragdoll cats have beautiful blue eyes.

Ragdolls are a "slow maturing" breed. They reach maturity between three and four years of age. A full grown Ragdoll can weigh anywhere from 7 to 20 pounds. Males are generally about five pounds heavier than females.

Ragdolls should be considered as strictly "indoor" cats. Allowing cats to roam freely is very dangerous to the cat in terms of being exposed to disease and other hazards whether natural (other animals) or man-made (being hit by a car).

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