Colors and Patterns

Our Ragdolls come in both of the "traditional" Ragdoll colors which are "Blue" and "Seal".  We also have the "red" (flame) color.  We also have all three major patterns as well as the "Lynx" and "Tortie" patterns.

Description of Colors

Seal Body color may vary from a light to a medium brown. "Points," including the nose, ears, tail and feet, will be a darker shade.

Blue Body color is ivory with points being a blue-grey color.

Red - Body color is a warm red color on the points. Red Bi-Color Lynx


Description of Patterns

Primary Patterns: The following three patterns are primary patterns, one of which can be found on every Ragdoll cat.

Bi-Color Their points will be colored, however, they will have a white inverted "V" in their "mask" (face). Their legs, ruff and stomach will be white.    Blue Bi-Color    Seal Bi-Color

Mitted Their points will be colored except for their feet. They will have white "mittens" on their front feet and white "boots" on their back legs. Their chin, ruff and stomach will be white.    Blue Mitted    Seal Mitted

Colorpoint These are the only Ragdolls who do not have any white. All points, including the feet, will be colored. The non-pointed areas will have a lighter shade.   Blue Colorpoint    Seal Colorpoint


Secondary Patterns:  The following  patterns are secondary patterns and cannot be found by themselves on Ragdoll cats.  They are only found superimposed over a primary pattern

Lynx The Lynx pattern shows tabby markings towards their points. The Lynx markings are in addition to the traditional patterns of Mitted, Bi-Color or Colorpoint.    Seal Lynx Mitted

Tortie - The tortie pattern is a mixture of red or cream mixed with one of the traditional colors of seal or blue. Seal Bicolor Tortie




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